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Gash Family, December 2015

Gash Family, December 2015

The Gash Family consists of Jim, Joline, Jessica, Joshua, and Jennifer.  We live, work, and worship among the Pepperdine University community in Malibu, California.  Jim is the director of the Global Justice Program and a professor at Pepperdine University School of Law.  Joline teaches Freshman biology at Oaks Christian High School.

Jessica is a Junior Pre-Med major at Pepperdine University.  Joshua is a Senior at Oaks and Jennifer is a Sophomore.  Both are active in the youth group at the University Church of Christ.

In January of 2012, we moved to Uganda, Africa for six months.  It changed our lives in more ways that we are able to fully understand.  Jim was on sabbatical from his responsibilities at Pepperdine and worked for the Ugandan judiciary on a variety of juvenile justice projects.  Joline and the kids spent their days doing medical mission work with the Gregston family.  Jim continues to travel regularly to Uganda to further his work with the judiciary.  Joline and the kids return periodically to this country that has become our second home.

While we were in Uganda, and since we have returned, we began sharing our experiences and memories on this website as we sought to serve the people of Uganda in whatever ways we could.